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PTS and Separation Pay - (DODFMR VOL. 07A-35)

PTS disapprovals are separating at EAOS and entitled to only half Sep Pay if eligible. Refer to OPNAVINST 1900.4 para 8.a.(1) and MPM 1920-040 para 5.a.

IAW BUPERSINST 1900.8, DD214 should read.

Non retention on active duty - JGH - RE-3M/RE-4/RE-6 as appropriate

Sailors separated at HYT or denied extension to HYT due to overmanned rating zones (and have PTS approval) can qualify for full sep pay (MILPERSMAN 1160-120 and attached email refers), DD214 should read:

Completion of required active service - JBK - RE-4/RE-6 as appropriate

Note: use JGH for those elig for half sep pay, and use JBK for those elig for full sep pay.

Sailor separated at HYT but only eligible for half sep pay, DD214 should

Non retention on active duty - JGH - RE-6 as appropriate

1/2 pay if separated at EAOS...see below references.

MPM 1910-040

5. Half-Pay Criteria. The following are the criteria for half pay
a. Expiration of Service Obligation: This category includes servicemembers "not retention eligible" separated at their expiration of active obligated service (EAOS) or HYT.
Servicemembers separated for HYT need not be "advancement eligible" for entitlement to half pay.

DODI 1332.29, June 20, 1991

3.2. Half Separation Pay (Non-disability). Half payment of non-disability separation pay, computed as provided in paragraph 3.3., below, is authorized to members of the Regular and Reserve components involuntarily separated from AD who meet each of following four
conditions: (In extraordinary instances, Secretaries of the Military Departments concerned may award full separation pay to members otherwise eligible for half separation pay when the specific reasons for separation and the overall quality of the member's service have been such that denial of such pay would be clearly unjust.) 3.2.1. The Service member meets one of the criteria for active service specified in subparagraph 3.1.1., above.
3.2.2. The Service member's separation is characterized as "Honorable"
or "General" as defined in subparagraph E3. of DoD Directive
1332.14 (reference (e)), and none of the conditions in paragraph 3.4., below, apply.
3.2.3. The Service member is being involuntarily separated by the Military Service concerned through either the denial of reenlistment or the denial of continuation on AD or full-time National Guard duty, or the Service member is being separated instead of board action as provided in DoD Directive 1332.30 (reference (f)), under one of the following specific conditions: The member is not fully qualified for retention and is denied reenlistment or continuation by the Military Service concerned as provided for in reference (e) or DoD Directive 1332.30 (reference (f)) under any of the following
conditions: Expiration of service obligation. Selected changes in service obligation. Convenience of the Government. Homosexuality. Drug abuse rehabilitation failure. Alcohol abuse rehabilitation failure. Security.

20 Dec 2005

8. Personnel Limited to Half Separation Pay (Non-disability) a. Members not fully qualified for retention who are eligible for separation pay under paragraph 7a and 7b above whose separation is characterized as honorable or general and who are involuntarily separated from active duty under the following criteria as prescribed by references (c) and
(d) shall be limited to one-half the rate of separation pay, as prescribed in paragraph 6b. This includes members separated for high year tenure who are not qualified for advancement under policies established by the CHNAVPERS.
(1) Expiration of service obligation.

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